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West Coast Oysters
Fanny Bay
Fat Bastard
Stellar Bay
Florida Gulf Oysters
The Gulf oyster does not have the ocean taste of the East Coast, that metallic tang. In its prime it is meaty and salty and might have a bit of a zing but not much.
Cape Cod Mussels
Our Cape Cod Bay Mussels are sustainably harvested from clean natural beds off the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore. Landed in Dennis, Massachusetts, these mussels are pretty to look at with delicate meats. This mussel averages 3 - 4” in length and is bursting with plump, sweet meat. Cape Cod Bay mussels are available nearly year round.
Maine Mussels
The maine mussel is a common native bivalve mollusk that lives from the intertidal zone to depths of several hundred feet. Mussels can be harvested all year, but most fishing is in the winter when the taste and quality of the meat is best.
PEI Mussels
Prince Edward Island Mussels have a distinctive, rich flavor with just a slight brininess. Their beautiful black shells contain plump, orange colored meats and enhance any dish with their iridescent hues.
Spain / Morocco

Different sizes available

- Body w/ tenticles
- Tenticles only

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- Raw Shell On
- Raw P&D Tail on
- Raw Headless Shell on
- Cooked P&D Tail Off
- Cooked P&D Tail On

India / Indonesia / Bangladesh / Argentina / Ecuador / Vietnam / Thailan

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Live Maine Lobster
1.00 - Lb
1.25 - Lb
1.50 - Lb
Lobster Tails
Frozen Lobster Tails

6-8 oz
8-10 oz
10-12 oz

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